Name: Garret

Gender: Female (she/her pronouns)

Species: Wolf

Height: 5'9

A mother who has been searching for her long-lost son for nearly ten years. Lost her left eye in the same battle that killed her husband and seperated her son from her. She is overwhelmingly kind to anyone who needs her help, but is dedicated to finding her son over all else.


Name: Elliot

Gender: Male (he/him pronouns)

Species: Wing

Height: 5'1


Garret's traveling companion and best friend, who guards her blind side and reads the maps. He met Garret after experiencing a mysterious accident that claimed one of his wings and left the other one maimed. He's rude, standoffish, and consumed with anxiety and self-loathing, but a true and loyal friend once you get past his prickly demeanor. 

Name: Riga

Gender: Female (she/her pronouns)

Species: Wolf

Height: 5'7 (still growing) 

Young exile who offered Garret and Elliot help with their quest. She is volatile and aggressive, but at her heart is just a scared, confused kid who needs a helping hand. Loves archery, and is fairly skilled at it. Doesn't get along well with Elliot, on account of trying to shoot him when they first met.

Name: Vare

Gender: Female (she/her pronouns)

Species: Wolf

Height: 5'11

A mysterious exile who acts as a sort of wise woman to neighboring wolf packs. Hardly anyone knows anything about her, but she seems to know a whole lot about everything.